Order your cake when you need it. Whether it’s every day, or once a week! And if you change your mind, a call will cancel your order straight away – we don’t have long term contracts. Cakes are available 305 days a year, 6 days a week (Monday to Saterday) and you can choose from a wide rangs of time frames.  The Fresh cake (cold) delivery is managed by an experienced call centre and delivered by colleagues who have all received training. Your driver will wear uniform and carry identification.  This combined with our high-tech and advanced IT solutions, make one of the best cold delivery services in the Netherlands.   Track and Trace:
Bakerline offers a Track and Trace services. The delivery tracking system is used to find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information. We will send you a email with a link to track your delivery. Just type in your  consignment number(s) (one on each line) or your own consignment reference(s) (one on each line) select the appropriate button and click on track.
We continuously invest in ‘greener’ vehicles. Our modern trucks all meet EURO 5 standards. We were the first in the Netherlands to introduce a transporter van of which the loading platform is chilled by solar panels. This creates an enormous diesel reduction use of 10 – 12 %. Our goal therefore is to expand the remainder of our distribution vehicles with solar panel vans.
Sustainability is not reached by merely separating garbage, returning cardboard and foil or planning efficient routes. Though, it is a start… Real sustainability comes with awareness around every of your decisions. Whether it is about lighting, a new chilling installation, new vehicles, each decision must be based on an effort to want to contribute to a healthy future.