Bakerline is enjoying nutritious cake made from high-quality ingredients. To share our story with the world, we’ve teamed up with Ellen Hoog: Bakerline’s ambassador. Ellen Hoog Ellen is a Dutch hockey player in the women’s national team. Since she plays sport for a living, it is important to Ellen to stay in shape and live healthy. That’s why in 2015 Ellen launched her first book on a fit and happy lifestyle: In perfecte conditie (Meaning: In perfect shape). At Bakerline, we read her book, which is filled with organic and healthy recipes. And we discovered that healthy Ellen also loves to treat herself with some delicious cake. Preferably with strawberries and chocolate. It was love at first read. So we asked Ellen if she wanted to work with us. She did, and therefore we named our first strawberry and chocolate cake after her: The Ellen Hoog. We are very proud this inspiring author and sports player works with us. Curious to learn more of Ellen? Check out her Instagram!