Serve cake and celebrate
Cake is a way to celebrate moments. For centuries, sharing a cake has been a way to treat others and share good news.

We serve cake at birthdays. We blow out candles, make a wish for our future and treat everyone around. From our first birthday to hopefully our 99th: every year, cake is a part of our celebration.

We serve cake at our weddings. Brides and grooms cut their wedding cake, share slices with their loved ones and enjoy their first piece as newly wed husbands and wives.

We serve cake when we’ve launched an important client at work, or when we want to thank our colleagues for all their time and effort. We serve cake when someone is pregnant, or when we have good news to share.

We treat ourselves with cake when we are proud, or when it’s just another great day.

And when we do, when we celebrate, there is a moment. A moment of joy, of togetherness. Of indulgence and Yes, cake is a way to celebrate. And when one says ‘A party without just cake, is just a meeting’, we couldn’t agree more.

Good tastes better
That’s why we create delicious cakes, made from premium ingredients that leave you satisfied, happy and guilt-free. Because at Bakerline, we love good cake. And we love celebrating moments with good cake, too. Good in a way of deliciousness, but also good in our choice of ingredients.

And to make sure our cakes are as nutritious as delicious, all our cakes are raw. We don’t bake our cakes, since we believe that raw means fresh. Also, our cakes are vegan, free of gluten, soy and refined sugars. That means no eggs, no milk and above all: no unnecessary additives.

Instead, we use organic, fair-trade and high-quality products. Tasteful ingredients, such as raw nuts, whole fruits and natural sweeteners. Most of our products come from sustainable and fair-trade sources all over the world.

Because those moments of celebration should not only be delicious, but also fair-trade and nutritious.

That’s our story. Are you hungry yet? .