Allergy & Diet
Are Bakerline cakes gluten free?
Our cakes are almost gluten free. However, since they are made in a bakery, it is possible a cake contains some traces of gluten.
Are Bakerline cakes nut free?
No. All Bakerline cakes have bottoms partially made of nuts. So if you have any form of nut allergy, you unfortunately can’t have our cakes,
Are Bakerline cakes dairy free?
Bakerline Cakes are vegan-friendly, so our cakes are dairy free. However, since they are made in a bakery, it is possible a cake contains some traces of dairy.
I am on a diet. Can I have Bakerline cakes?
Well, that really depends on your diet. Normally, you can fit in our cake in a healthy or sport related diet such as Paleo. Check out the specific cake and it’s label to see if it suits your wishes.
How many calories does a cake contain?
The amount of calories a slice of cake contains depends on the cake itself. However, it is more important to check the nutritive value of each ingredient.
Check out the label to see how many calories your preferred cake contains, or read our Ingredients page to find out which health benefits our cakes provide.

Are Bakerline Cakes vegan-friendly?
Yes. All our cakes are free from all animal (bi-) products.
Where do your ingredients come from?
At Bakerline Cakes, we believe it’s important to work with fair trade ingredients. Most of it comes from sustainable and fair-trade sources all over the world. Though we know there is always room for improvement.
Which sweeteners do you use?
All our cakes are free from refined sugar. Therefore we can call them ‘sugar free’. Instead, we use agave as a natural sweetener.

Orders & Deliveries
How can I pay for my online order?
You can pay with iDeal or PayPal.
I need a cake tomorrow! Can I still order?
All cakes ordered online before 5pm will be available the following day. If you order a cake after 5pm, we can’t promise the cake is delivered in time. In that case, buy a cake at one of our vendors. This way, you can be sure to serve some cake!
Do I have to be home when my cake is delivered?
Yes, you do. We only ship our cakes once. Also, our Bakerline cakes need to be kept cool, so it’s you refrigerate them right after the delivery.
How long can I store my cake?
The best place to store your cake is in the refrigerator. This way you can keep your cake fresh for at least three days.